Virgin Olive Oil
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Virgin olive oil – Light and Delicate Produce of Morroco 

Olive Oil is an integral part of the Moroccan culture and it is indeed popular today for the health benefits it has to offer. Trader B&B is supplying the best virgin olive oil right from its origin which assures excellent texture, flavor, and quality. 

The hand-picked olives are straight centrifuged to pressing and harvesting the purest olive oil bottled, manufactured and supplied around the globe. We are the leading virgin olive oil supplies, giving olive oil in its purest form. You can experience the ultimate aroma, and taste by using virgin olive oil for cooking and enjoy its vital benefits for your health too. 

Use Trader B&B olive oil as a gourmet ingredient in your kitchen for dressings, cooking, and dipping. This is a vegetarian product. 

Enhances texture and flavor 

Used for salads and dips 

Contains anti-oxidants and omega 3 which makes it a healthy choice for cooking 

Full body massage 

Healthy glowing smooth skin 

Health Benefits of Olive Oil in Cooking 

It has a high level of MUFA which promotes good heart health 

Has low cholesterols

Olive oil helps in stimulating the digestive systems and aids in better digestion 

Omega 3 and omega 6 ingredients help to promote good brain health   

Health Benefits of Virgin Olive Oil for Skin and Hair 

Contains vitamin E and forms a great moisturizer for the skin 

Reduces the sign of aging 

Exfoliates and treats cracked skin 

Promotes hair growth 

Packaging and Shipment of our Products 

Trader B&B is one of the leading virgin olive oil suppliers and distributors of Moroccan hand-pressed olives. Our olive oil manufacturing, processing, and supplies are done in bulk. Products are packaged and shipped in plastic-free bottles. We can process thousands of olive oil bottles in a day for domestic as well as an international export market. We keep strict control and follow the international standards for all stages of packaging and distribution to ensure that the products which reach our customers are in their perfect state. We pack the olive oils in glass bottles, tin or glasses ranging from 250ml to 20 liters.