Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Right from the Tree to Your Table 

Trader B&V extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the best olives from Morroco. The selected best quality olives are cold-pressed to output the best extra virgin olive oil for sale which gives a splendid taste and adds a rich aroma to every preparation. The extra virgin olive is great for cooking and uses on the body for glowing skin. 

Trader B&B Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

This is a vegetarian product and can be used for cooking and on the body and hair as well. This extra virgin olive oil has many benefits that it has to offer to its users. These include: 

It helps to prevent heart diseases and strokes 

The extra-virgin olive oil contains anti-oxidants it helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone problems 

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest source of Mufa among all oils 

Regular use of extra virgin olive oil helps in maintaining good blood sugar levels 

Extra virgin olive oil has no cholesterol 

It is effectively used to reduce obesity 

The light texture makes this the best olive oil to be used as a non-sticky moisturizer

Olive oil can delay the signs of aging and improves the health of the skin 

Can work well to keep hair healthy and strong 

About the brand

The Trader B&B extra virgin olive oil manufacturers get only hand-pressed olives from hand-picked from Morocco to ensure that the extra virgin olive oil obtained from it is rich in aroma, texture, and flavor. These are premium quality FDA approved olive oil which is grown without any synthetic postcodes and chemicals. They are 100% authentic a genuine and natural organically produced olive oil. 

Ingredients: 100% Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Country of origin: Moroccan olives hand-pressed to get extra-virgin olive oil 

Brand: Trader B&B 

Storage Instructions: Store away from direct source of light and heat 

Packaging: We are one of the bulk manufacturers and distributors of the high-quality Moroccan inspired extra virgin olive oil to the consumers both domestically and internationally. Our world-class leak-proof packaged extra-virgin olive oil are filly secured for packaging using premium quality packaging materials.

  • 8g Fat in moderate Quantity
  • 0 g Saturated fat in low quantity
  • 0 g Sugars in low quantity 
  • 0 g Salt in low quantity 


Nutrition Facts  As sold for 100g /100ml Unsweetened Beverages
Energy 3,753kj (897 Kcal) +1,568%
Fat  8g +1,131
Saturated Fat  0g -100%
Carbohydrate 0g -100%
Sugars 0g -100%
Dietary fiber 0g -100%
Proteins 0g -100%
Salt 0g -100%
Sodium 0g -100%
Nutition Score 10 +7%
Nutri-Score E E