Welcome To The Trader-B&B

Trader-B&B has over 10 years' experience in import and export of Moroccan olive oil, from Morocco. We export, among others, to America, UK. At the same time, we are providers and distributors specialized in private label/personalized product. 

We source our olive pressed oil from the farthest lands of Morocco which are manufactured following rigorous standards to output pressed olive oil which excels in quality a, flavour and texture. Trader B&B possesses complete dedication to provide bulk and retail imported olive oil from the farthest lands of Morocco at the most competitive pricing to our clients in the country. We believe in quality and be rest assured that our imported olive oil products are 100% genuine olives manufactured from the finest olive trees and turned into the best quality olive oil. Our products have absolutely no dilution and it is purely authentic and healthy.

Our unwavering success since our inception is a result of our commitment to ongoing improvement on a day-to-day basis, with the production of the high-quality product (olive oil) in a sustainable manner. For this reason, our products have been sourced from the best areas, with our olive oil coming from Morocco. We offer our customers a feeling of security. They know that behind our products, our team are striving to offer the best product and service possible, continuing to use our services over the years.

By maintaining a strong relationship with its partners and sub-contractors in Moroccan and around the world Carthage Heritage guarantees that it is always up to date with the latest trends in the world Extra Virgin Olive Oil industry without compromising our ancestral knowledge.