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Trader B&B supplies cold-pressed, high quality extra virgin olive oil from Morocco which offers its customers a unique gastronomic experience. We provide retail and bulk quantities of pure olive oil from Morocco at the most competitive prices. We have been importing and exporting Moroccan olive oil for over 10 years. With a strong presence in the Moroccan olive oil industry, we export extra virgin oil to other countries like the farthest lands of America and the UK. We have been supplying our olive oil to these countries and remain the preferred choice for our exceptional quality and unmatched business ethics. We keep our word when we say that all our products are 100% authentic and genuine. 

Trader B&B maintains a strong relationship with its partners and sub-contractors in Morocco. We keep our promise and guarantee to keep up with the latest trends in the import and export of extra virgin oil industry without comprising on our quality and services. 

The olives are hand-picked at Morocco and cleaned thoroughly using the latest cutting-edge technology to release its fresh and pure golden oil. Rigorous international standards are followed to ensure that the olives are centrifuged to excel in its quality, flavor, and texture. 

Are You Looking for a Trusted Retail and Wholesaler of olive oil? 

Trader B&B manufactures and supplied high-quality extra virgin olive oil with no added chemicals and preservatives. Our professionals have been in the industry for over 10 years and ensure that every drop of our wide range of olive oil reaches its customers in the purest and highest quality. 

Trader B&B development has been a constant endeavor of improvement, and efforts to champion excellence. We are one of the leading olive oil importers and exporters from Morocco supplying to the best brands and endeavor to grow our live olive oil production and consumption industry. 

Our mission

We endeavor to inspire a generation of a healthy lifestyle and create a palate of delight for the consumers by supplying them only high quality hand-pressed extra virgin oil using the best hand-pressed olives. Trader B&B was born with the principle to deliver olive juice at the fairest price and at best quality and that is what we strive to continue doing. This mission allows us to do great things in the industry.

Our values: 

The health of the consumers 

We endeavor to take good care of your heart, skin and muscles and brain. Hence, we bring the world healthiest olive oil to the doorstep of the consumers. 

Exceptional quality 

Our dedication and passion enable us to bring to our consumers from around the globe the best extra virgin olive oil which creates a benchmark in quality and standards. Our olive oil highlights exceptional texture, flavor, and quality.

Trader-B&B has over 10 years' experience in import and export of Moroccan olive oil, from Morocco. We export, among others, to America, UK. At the same time, we are providers and distributors specialized in private label/personalized product. 

We source our olive pressed oil from the farthest lands of Morocco which are manufactured following rigorous standards to output pressed olive oil which excels in quality a, flavour and texture. Trader B&B possesses complete dedication to provide bulk and retail imported olive oil from the farthest lands of Morocco at the most competitive pricing to o

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The promoters of Oléa Capital aim to make this group a leading national operator of the sector also enjoying international influence. Oléa Capital's mission is to intervene on the whole value chain of the olive sector: the production and the crushing of the olives, the storage, the valorization and the marketing of the products in bulk and packaged under marks on the domestic market. and internationally. Oléa Capital brings together institutional investors, financial investors and private sector operators who share the same vision and the same ambitions for this project. Even if our shareholding is to expand, we defend the idea of having long-term shareholders to allow this project to achieve its objectives.

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The will to build an exemplary and sustainable socio-economic model Oléa Capital promotes efficient olive growing, economically profitable, ecologically sustainable and socially equitable. Oléa Capital supports in a proactive way a citizen approach that links an "Aggregator", leader in its field, to groups of small producers "Aggregates" for the valorization and commercialization of productions are mutually advantageous. In each of its agro-industrial complexes, Oléa Capital has dimensioned the crushing and storage capacities to process its own production and that of the "Aggregated" farmers. It also provides the latter with its skills center to provide training, assistance and technical support. Oléa Capital is animated by a spirit of solidarity. Beyond its role of job provider, Oléa Capital, through the forthcoming creation of its Foundation, will develop programs of support to associations in the areas where it is located. The concern to promote a modern and rational agriculture Our olive heritage is based on varietal selection and a planting system that respects the physiology and pedoclimatic requirements of the species. The management of our olive-growing areas follows the techniques of tree formation and fruiting allowing forms adapted to mechanization. It aims to optimize the olive grove in terms of quality and yield while paying attention to the competitiveness of production costs. The reasoned production and the application on the ground of good oleaginous practices are the pillars of our approach to guarantee a consistency in the organoleptic qualities of our productions. Oléa Capital contributes in its own way to raise the quality of "olive oil of Moroccan origin" to international standards. The quality and traceability process will be, with various certification tools ( GLOBAL GAP , ISO 22000 , BRC and IFS ), the golden rule for all our olive-growing domains.

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The exploitation of olive-growing areas, respectful of the environment, which spread over an area of 2,500 Ha will grow Our olive farms, consisting of two agro-industrial complexes in the Provinces of Fquih Ben Salah and Taounate, receive all the attention in terms of environmental protection: rationalized management of water resources, modern crushing processes, water treatment waste water, recycling of vegetable waters. To satisfy the taste habits of the consumers of the different markets to serve, we have selected both Moroccan certified varieties (Picholine, Haouzia, Menara) and foreign varieties (Arbequine, Arbosana, Picual). Our estate "Oulad Hatten" in Fquih Ben Salah Province, Tadla Azilal Region On this area, composed of nearly 2,000 ha and formed of several collective lands, 540 ha were planted. The first crop was harvested in 2011. The planting program for the additional 1,400 ha is planned for 2013-2014. Oléa Capital has inaugurated its olive oil crushing plant with a capacity of 210 tons per day expandable to a capacity of 610 tons per day. Our estate "Bertin" in Taounate Province, Al Hoceima Region As part of a long-term lease, 400 ha have been planted and an additional 140 ha are planned for 2013. A crushing plant is also planned for 2013, the year of the first harvest.

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Olive Oil is an integral part of the Moroccan culture and it

Virgin Olive Oil
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Right from the Tree to Your Table 

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Our Olive specification
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